Susy Castro (Student)-


Vintage Moschino letterplate belt – $495
This vintage Moschino belt I found on a vintage website is perfect for brightening up any outfit and adds a 60′s feel. Even in the midst of a cold harsh Winter, this belt allows me to keep it playful and remind myself of the Summertime.


Ministry of Sound – The Annual 2011 – $19
I love Ministry of Sound’s annual CDs because they always get the illest songs together on one CD. Although some songs are too commercial, they always come through with new tracks ill enjoy.

Reason Adirondack Beanie – $29
My ears are so fucking cold and I refuse to buy some whack earmuffs. Instead I’m going to buy this for myself as a christmas present to a better solution to cold ears. This beanie is dope and will make the winter bearable.


Matt Bernson Gold Clutch – $98
I fell in love when I saw this gold clutch. It’s funky yet classy. I love gold things because I mainly wear black so it’s always great contrast.

Topshop dress – $100
Need a new black dress and thought this Topshop one was perfect. The cuts on the side are a little twist on the typical black dress. Just hope I don’t get cold when its windy out.

Matt Heckman (Reason Clothing/ Sound Solutions)


GoPro Camera – $299.99
I’ve known about this for a while and just haven’t had the time to go out and get one. Since I do a lot of outdoor exciting stuff (fishing, skiing, car adventures) this thing would be perfect to document all the fun. Waterproof casing, HD footage, simple upload and a variety of mounting applications make this a gadget/adrenaline junkies dream toy.
The Adventures Of Tin Tin (Box Sets) – $25.00
I was a huge Tin Tin fan when I was a kid. I recently dug some of my old copies out of storage, framed them, and hung them in my apartment. I really dig the artwork/drawing and they always remind me of being a kid.

Westone UM2/3 In-Ear Monitor – Available for $249 (Um2) or $399 (Um3)
As I’m sure Jon will attest to, the worst thing for a DJ at the end of the night is to go home and try and sleep while your ears are ringing. I already have custom molded earplugs but they can be a nuisance and even after having them for a year I still find it awkward to play with them (they are nice when I’m just out at the club). These are inconspicuous and can’t really be seen, great for just nodding in response to the request for “anything by Kanye West”.

Black Tool Chest – $199
I daylight (opposite of moonlight since I’m DJ) as sound system designer/installer I’ve got a serious amount of equipment/tools. So much equipment that I actually have already filled one of these things and need another one. Nothing fancy here, just a solidly built good old fashion mechanics tool chest.

Ashley Harrison (actress)


Michael Kors watch – $250
I want this watch so i can get my bling on while out in the clubs….joke joke…. I just like it cause it’s all black & matches everything and i fucked up my old one.

Michael Kors watch – $250
Same as the one above, looks cool, I don’t know, I’m stoned, I’m not sure what to write. Make some shit up…

Gift card to Sephora!! – (any amount)
Cant have me out and about with out my eyeliner and other make up…. Might scare everyone away!! Not a good look, ‘ya know?

Gift card to Saks Fifth Avenue – (any amount)
No one knows what other people really one, shit, I don’t even know what I want….so a gift card is always on point cause then who ever can go grab what looks good to them …plus if you’re waiting this long to go shop all the good stuff is gone…

Phillip Wong (NY Lurkers/ThePhilWong)


I love my Reason backpack but sometimes you gotta switch it up. I’m a designer so I’m always carrying around a lot of stuff: hard drives, computers, comps. This eventually causes some wear on your backpack so here are a couple suggestions to keep it fresh.

Bedwin & The Heartbreakers Day Pack – $150+
This is from a few seasons ago so I don’t know how lucky anyone will be to find it, but if you do, it’s sure to be an instant classic on your shoulders.

Dusen Dusen Backpack – $98
This backpack looks and feels great. If you’re into the small, collegiate type bookbags, and dress on the darker side, this is a great choice.

Beer Making Kit – $40
Not to knock the hard stuff but there is nothing quite as refreshing as an ice cold beer. Although this beer kit probably won’t make anything close to your favorite IPA or winter lager, it’ll probably be a damn satisfying creation.

iPad – $499
Maybe this is jumping on the bandwagon a little bit but after designing some apps for it, I realized that it makes for a completely legitimate purchase. It looks a little show-off-y when you see them getting broken out on the subway, but if you’re into reading a lot of cool magazines and want to see them move, this device provides the perfect medium.


Knicks Tickets – $500+
Sure, you can get some of the 300s seats and call it a day, but let it be known this year the New York Knicks are completely dominating. Courtside seats at MSG to see STAT, Felton, Gallo, and the rest of the boys in orange and blue would make for a great gift.


Mad Men Seasons 2-3 – $35 each
My girl just got me into this show and I’m pretty amazed by it. It’s refreshing to see a TV drama about a creative agency, and with such a great cast at the helm, there’s no way they can go wrong (Although they might get you to start saying weird things like “that’s swell,” or “a thing that is”). Don Draper kills.


Rachel Comey Brown Bess Boots – $350
The new Clark’s color ways are nice, but for a boot thats a little classy, cool, and collected, these boots are no question.


Julia Warshaw (Reason Clothing/Colossal) -


Gold plated Audemars Piguet – 25K

If your having trouble sealing the deal, flash this badboy a couple of times and you better believe they’ll sign on the line that is dotted.


Green and black Louis Vuitton loafers – $600
Can’t go wrong with pretentious comfort

Reason Clothing Alma Mater Varsity Jacket – $249
Its just so thorough. Its a tough jacket that looks sharp and sophisticated but is also low key.


Munitio 14k Gold 9mm Bullet Headphones – $159
You think Beats By Dre Headphones are dope? Check these guys out. Not only do they look bad ass but the bass is so smooth its ridiculous.
Reason Home Team Cap – $34
Always gotta support the home team!

Philip Bassis (Reason Clothing)-


Timberland Earthkeepers City Escape Boot – $160
I’m tired of feeling like I’m constantly walking on two blocks of ice. I need a pair of boots that’ll keep my feet cozy and give me good traction for walking through New York’s slushy snow day sidewalks. I thought about posting a pair that looked exactly the same but cost three times as much until I found these. A bargain for $160.


Wicked Tickets – $300
My friend used to sing these songs on repeat in the car and I’ll be honest, it kind of got me hooked. My theme for this year’s list is keeping it super real regardless of what anyone thinks, so take your best shot. Orchestra seats would be great. I want the cast to hear me singing along.


Amazon Kindle 3G -
I’ve always thought Kindle owners were kind of obnoxious, but now I’ve decided that being judged by people on the train is a small price to pay for carrying 3,500 books in your pocket. Also I’d like to add whatever type of moisturizer the hand model in that product shot is using to my list.

Carved Taxidermy Trade Sign – $4,000.00
Three things I like; taxidermy, signs, and weird folk art.This wooden deer mount used to function as a sign for some type of store and now is so old that it’s considered artwork. This is perfect for me because it has the appeal of a real taxidermy deer but it won’t creep people out or become Brooklyn’s new play-toy.