We started working on this line over a year ago. The industry at the time was a different universe from where we first began building Reason. Store owners were weary about buying from a company that was notorious for being strict on limiting distribution to wholesale accounts. It was a recession, and buyers wanted to play it safe with brands that we personally considered tired and boring. We couldn’t be mad at them, but our livelihood depended on reason, and reason is a clothing company, so essentially, our livelihood depended on the clothing.

Funny how sometimes we get so wrapped in the day to day details that we forget that at the end of the day its really all about the product. We needed to invest in our business. Not with money necessarily, but with time, and with our hearts. We needed to go all in and design the collection that we knew we were meant to make from day one. Jon and I could visualize what that meant in our minds, but we knew it wouldn’t be easy to bring to life. Every item had to be wearable every day, the line as a whole had to come together and fit with our Reason look, and every detail in every single last garment had to be absolutely perfect without exception. A lot of work has gone into building this collection, and I hate to say it, but we crushed it. After seeing this look book and lineup, those same weary store buyers came back with some of the best orders and feedback we’ve ever seen. Our friends and fans want every last style, we legitimately wear these items every day, and it feels great.

You’ve seen some of what we’ve put into this line through our site, but really I can’t begin to explain it. Its for you to feel pride in what you wear, its our Reason, its Built To Last, we’re proud to present Reason Autumn/Winter 2010. Enjoy.

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