Excuse the Blackberry pictures in this post. I would have used the Canon but Melet Mercantile prides themselves on not allowing photos in their showrooms.

As the New York Times put it, “Melet’s mission is to bring home the artifacts that will inspire the A-list designers who frequent Melet Mercantile”. These guys take their business very seriously. Their space is curated to the nines with artifacts, books, clothes, and accessories from around the globe that designers use for reference in their collections. Marc Jacobs, Polo, J.Crew, Chloe, and just about every other fashion house and set designer in the business come here for inspiration. As Vanity Fair magazine put it in a recent article, “Melet Mercantile is essentially a seasonal collection of specific environments, which are curated and sourced by the owner. The loft space is crammed with memorabilia and paraphernalia brought together from the far reaches of the globe and gathered in the themed vignettes Melet has dreamed up.”.

As far as I can tell, no one has ever posted photos from inside their space before, so without further ado, here’s an inside (albeit blurry) look into the Melet Mercantile showroom in Montauk, NY.