We just touched down in Miami, Florida to hit the beach and enjoy Halloween from a tropical climate for a change. No photos yet, so here’s a quick Blog B-Roll post with some snapshots that I never got around to using anywhere else.

This one is from out in Long Island this summer. I’ve never been able to stand up on a surfboard but I have this huge zoom lens on my Canon Rebel that I never get to use and this was a perfect opportunity to look like a real creep shooting with a foot long camera on the beach so I figured what the hell.


Cars in London drive on the left side of the street so they mark all the crosswalks with look left and look right signs to prevent pedestrians from walking into oncoming traffic.


I still can’t get over the crowds at Apple stores. This is their 5th avenue shop at 8 AM recently.


I’ve always been into this NY Bagel Co. logo. You only really see these trucks around at like six and seven in the morning doing their deliveries so I’ve pretty much come to equate the company with staying out way too late. I definitely had as much trouble waking up the next morning as I did trying to get a decent picture out of this.


This is my friend Carl. He recently quit working in production at Steven Alan to start his own beachwear brand called Onia. Next generation of the next generation.


Here’s the final production sample of the new Adirondack Beanie we just released. Took us a few rounds to get the fit and knitting perfectly right but as soon as we took this sample out of the box we were psyched.


Mike Avedon reviewing the scans from the lookbook he shot for us. I spy Brooklyn in the mix too.


Schuyler and Ugo gettin’ their game faces on.


This one is from some belly dancing restaurant in France. Obviously I managed to get everything in focus except the one thing in the frame worth looking at.


From the airport in Niece. So glad the French have their priorities set.


Shot this one from a plane. I think it’s somewhere over London but I’m not sure.


Lookbook props anyone?