Now that we’ve settled in to our new home here on the internet it’s only right that we thank some of the great people who made this new look of ours possible:


Anthony is responsible for writing about 90% of the code on this new website all by himself. He’s a literal prodigy when it comes to all that www-web.html/backend/javascript kind of stuff.


You probably recognize Phil Wong by now. Anyways, in addition to gracing more than one REASON lookbook with his trademark look, he also designed the trademark REASON top hat logo you see everyhere. Oh. And he did the cover for the DJ PRICE, My Name in Lights mix-tape. So uhhh, 1000 points for P. Dubbs.


I already introduced Kirill back on the old site, but just for old times sake, ladies and gentlemen, Kirill Bichutsky, of, our Fall/Winter 2009 Lookbook photographer.


The last big thank you goes to Kevin from VERB CMS. Verb is the hosting and content management system that powers this website. You can thank Kevin and Verb for the seamless Online Store checkout process and neat features on all our new pages that you’ve been drooling over.


And since we’re thanking members of the team we could never live without, of course Brooklyn needs to be included.

And to everyone else who has put in so much these past couple months, you know who you are, and thank you.