Music is one of the most essential elements of a positive shopping experience. Great music while you shop can transport you to another world. Discovering a new artist or song in a store is an added bonus that often gets overlooked. A lot of thought goes into the soundtrack of the Outpost. We hear comments from customers raving about the store’s music selection on a daily basis, and people always ask if we sell CD’s of the store’s tunes or where we get our music from. Our generic answer is that a friend curates all our music, but what we don’t usually share is that he actually has a website where he shares weekly mixes that we use in the shop.

In Beau’s Ears is a music blog run by our friend Beau. The concept is pretty simple. Each week he uploads a new playlist of 15-20 songs he is listening to and shares them with the world. It’s a great site to discover new music or listen in on when you can’t decide what to play for yourself.

Check it out at: