Reason NY was featured on the ever-so-popular television show ‘Breaking Amish’ this past week. The episode features 23 year old Jeremiah, shunned from his Amish family, moving to New York City and finding new, more appropriate clothes for life in the big city.

I can’t embed the video but click on any of the images below to watch the clip.

The producers sent a crew by a few months back to film the episode. The entire thing took a few hours to film and was shot during normal business hours. In fact customers were walking into the store and making cameos in the show throughout the day.

Jeremiah picked up a whole new wardrobe; including a Reason Varsity, a few Reason tees, some Outpost pants, a Home Team NY Cap, and some vintage tees and denim to round out the look.


Price and Shiv helped Jeremiah pick out his looks and he was super stoked on his new gear. Breaking Amish airs on Sundays at 10pm on TLC.