Today we’re back on the fields of Massachusets for the Brimfield Antique show/ flea market.

Everywhere you look at Brimfield theres ‘that guy’ there’s the music guy, the milk bottles guy, the signs guy, the sports guy, nautical guy, book guy, gun guy, you get the idea. I’m not sure I fall into any category besides annoying touch everything take lots of pictures guy. People from all walks of life, collecting totally different things, scavenging through loads of old crap in search of their holy grail.



There’s peeks into different worlds around every corner. The back of this chair for example, some kid probably slapped these stickers on in the 70’s, and somehow it’s remained intact since.


Polo poppin’ tags-



Also funny how when you see the patterns of purchases of the different buyers, you can predict the items that different brands are gonna buy. One minute you walk an old sign like ‘that’s so polo’ and the next thing you know it’ll have their sticker hanging from it.

This shelf will probably make its way into some video that I’ll be watching in the back seat of a taxi by the end of the season.


The rest of these are a few of my favorite reference photos I shot today-


One more post coming tomorrow.