Here’s the deal. In 2007 I desperately wanted Reason to come out with an updated version of the Barbour Waxed Cotton Beaufort Jacket. The jacket is without a doubt one of the most classic casual overcoats ever with a history dating as far back as the 1890’s, but we felt the fit and some of the details could benefit from some updating. So we sampled our take on it and included it for delivery in the Reason Holiday 2008 collection.

Unfortunately our customers weren’t really ready for it yet, and the style wasn’t popular enough with buyers to produce. I didn’t want it to be a complete loss, so I decided to hang on to our sample and just wear it myself. By last year, every time I’d wear it out people would comment about how much they loved the jacket, some people (jerks) didn’t even believe it was ours because it looked “too expensive to be Reason”. So we figured we’d give it another shot and completely elevate the style to a whole new level with better fabrics and a more flattering fit, and offer it once again to our customers. The first time we’d ever done something like that.

We re-named the jacket (originally called the Reason Riding Coat), dubbed it the Reason 12 Gauge Hunting Coat, and slated it for release in our Fall 2011 Collection. Fortunately our patience (stubbornness?) paid off, and the 12 Gauge Coat made a huge splash with retailers, stylists, colleagues and now, our retail customers.

The 12 Gauge Hunting Coat has been almost five years in the making, and today is one of Reason’s top selling, most highly acclaimed pieces.

Here is the description from our Online Store:

Yup. We flipped the Barbour hunting coat and we did it the right way. We slimmed down the fit, kept the classic waxed cotton fabrication but had it garment washed for a softer more unique finish, changed up the plaid lining, added a zig-zag stitch around the collar, and added zippers to the side entry pockets. All the subtle details of the jacket have been reworked to make our 12 Gauge Hunting Jacket a truly original creation.
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Waxed cotton outer with garment wash. 100% Cotton plaid lining, corduroy collar. Two snap closure bottom pockets, two zip-closure side entry pockets. Knit rib at cuffs. Fit is tailored but true to size.