Today we’re at Lincoln Center for a preview of the Rochambeau S/S 2012 collection at New York City fashion week. Rochambeau is run by our longtime buddies Laurence and Josh, who went from doing a streetwear line a few years ago, to now spearheading one of the most buzzworthy contemporary men’s lines around. Did I mention they also own and operate a highly esteemed boutique printing and publishing company called Proof7?

Laurence’s Twitter Bio is one of my favorites- “i am inspired by those forging their own path. i support people following their dreams. ultimately, i wish my friends utmost success.”

Ditto. So thrilled to see our homies taking it to the next level like this.


The hardest balance to achieve in fashion is making items that are compelling and unique, but still wearable and functional. I think the new Rochambeau line found the perfect mix. Cool, different takes on classic pieces, but still not so crazy that you couldn’t imagine them anywhere else but a fashion show. Cudos fellas, I only wish my pictures did the pieces justice.