I gotta give it up to the guys at Cookies and Cream. When they decided to start an independent t-shirt and toy company they figured the only way to do it would be to find their own lane, and they have. Literally. The guys bought themselves a used DHL truck, had it customized, vinyl wrapped, and hit the streets to spread the word about their line.

I caught the the guys on the corner of Spring Street and Broadway in SoHo this week, parked right behind Mr. Softee himself, blasting music, selling tees, and educating curious people about their brand.


Scrills and his partner are out in their mobile store every weekend in different locations around Manhattan and Brooklyn. I admire the guys for their dedication and I think it’s great that they are doing something unexpected and unique to promote their line like this.


I talk to a decent amount of people working on launching companies and I never know what to say except to stick with their dreams and do something original, but from now on I’m telling ‘em one more thing, if people aren’t noticing you, don’t give ‘em a choice. Best of luck, fellas.