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One last post from the city of sin. I left a memory card reader for the Canon Rebel at home so this set is straggling behind. Also I think it’s time to invest in Canon 5D Mark II, right?

Hustle mode. From right to left; unmade bed, rack of samples, and Price, lurking in the shadows if you look carefully.


This. Right here. Is. Trade-show. Swag.


Little peek at our upcoming jacket and outerwear offerings.


History Channel really has the weirdo cool-hunting television genre on lock as far as I’m concerned. You know I’m into that stuff, and so it’s probably not surprising that Pawn Stars and American Pickers are my guilty pleasure TV shows.

Naturally since I had an extra day in Vegas I took a walk down to the Gold and Silver Pawn shop, where Pawn Stars takes place, and took a look around.

Hey dude, get outta my shot.


What you don’t realize from watching the show is that the entire neighborhood is actually littered with run down, empty pawn shops. Then you walk into this place and it’s packed with tourists, there’s no way this place would survive if there wasn’t a TV show based around it.


Most overheard phrase in here… “I’ve seen that episode!”


The only people who should wear (or own) Superbowl rings are the people who earn ‘em. If you drop 100K on a Superbowl ring at a pawn shop in Vegas there’s a 100% chance you’re playing yourself.


Okay, at 3-5 grand a piece, these rifles beat the ones we have hanging up in the studio.


The only place the store makes money. Selling licensed show merch in the back. Everyone wants a t-shirt with Chumley on it, now it all makes sense.



Alright, fine. I’ve seen this episode. $5,000 for the Even Knievel pinball machine.




Gold and Silver Pawn shop is located at:

713 Las Vegas Boulevard South
Las Vegas, NV 89101-6755
(702) 385-7912


Anyway, on my way back I walked through the seedy part of town with the wedding chapels attached to hourly hotels.


Not exactly-




Right after I took this picture the newly-wed husband started yelling at me and chasing me down the block. Dude. You gust got married at a jungle themed hourly hotel. The guy taking the picture probably doesn’t even have film in his camera. I’m not your biggest problem.


Alright thats it. New York City posts coming right up-


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