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In New York City, there’s only one thing worse than arguing over sports, religion, or politics… and that’s who makes the best pizza. Some stand by the SoHo classic, Lombardis, others are partial to the fancy places like Motorino or Pulinos, and some people stick with their local spots, but my preference is a little place right underneath the Brooklyn Bridge called Grimaldis.


… And I’m not the only one.This is what the line outside looks like. AT NOON. Around dinnertime you can expect to wait at least an hour for a table.


You know the reason New York City’s Pizza is so good? It’s not just the sauce and the cheese, it’s actually because our tap water is some of the best in the world, which in turn makes the dough and crust unbeatable.


LOVEME getting up across the river-110925_75161.jpg110925_75191.png

“Metropolitan Etiquette Authority”.

Next, a quick stop in at KCDC, Williamsburg’s core skate shop, and one of the cooler retail spaces in the borough in my opinion. They had a great write-up in the New York Times this past weekend.


Oh yeah you know what else? Totally pumped into this guy right around the corner. Whatup Matt!


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