We’re steadily below the freezing mark every day in New York right now. At this point in the winter, wearing a hat every day is essential if you plan on stepping foot outdoors. Personally I’ve been rocking my teal and salmon solid beanies every day for the past few weeks but most people are more hyped on the new stuff-

Here’s Yuri Pleskun wearing our Adirondack Beanie.


… and Brooklyn’s festive headwear contribution. So regal.


Here’s Jeff with a preview of a new barber pole inspired beanie we will be releasing a little later this month.


But the major highlight of our headwear offering this season is definitely our newest winterized caps.

Remember in August in when I showed this huge pile of leather and promised to, re-post this picture and show you what we used and how it ended up being used in a final product?


Here it is on the brim and top button of our Standard Issue Cap. The leather made it’s way from wherever it came from, to Mood, to us, to the factory, and all the way back to us in less than three months. Pretty cool. Also very warm.

In terms of warmth though, the standard issue six panel is the winner. Made to endure some serious missions:

And the rest of the Standard Issue set followed up by the Home Team Cap. All available in the Online Store now for $34.00.