Last year when How To Make It In America first came out, we got a whole bunch of emails and comments from friends basically saying “hey, its so cool how the story of that show is so similar to what you guys do!”
We’d smile and shrug it off.

This week, after the first episode of the second season aired, the tone of the messages changed. Now we started getting emails like “wow, so are you guys gonna sue HBO or what?!”.

The show isn’t about us. Obviously lots of other men’s clothing companies are run by a pair of native new yorkers who started screen printing their own shirts, gained some notoriety overseas, used to work in retail and nightlife, have a logotype set in Engravers Gothic BT, and opened up pop-up shops in New York, right?

I’ve never publicly admitted to watching the show. The same way the writers have never admitted to reading every blog post I’ve ever written.

Anyway, the highlight of the episode was without a doubt the cameo by our BFF JonnyFamous.

Remember when he did this promo video for us back at the Reason Cooper Square Outpost pop-up shop?