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Today we’re in Las Vegas doing the trade-show thing. First stop, Magic, the mammoth conglomerate of a show that everyone LOVES going to. Reason sales are being handled out of a more exclusive, appointment only showroom at the Venetian, but we stopped by the show floor for a sec today to drop in and make appearances with the regulars.

On the way in, bumped into Dante Ross. Always good vibes coming from Dante. Used to come over to our apartment back when we were on square one to talk sneakers and t-shirts, we’ve come a long way since then.


Said a quick hello to Holly Madison on the way up as well. Had one of the craziest nights of all time with her, Eric Cano, and the crew from Girls Next door the other night at Tryst and left my camera at home of course (yeah right, right?) all there is to prove it is this twitpic.


Back on the floors of Magic. Not much as changed.


Greg Rivera (mishka) is the big boss now. Here he is approving a $50,000 order on his iPad.


Michael from our Baltimore stocklist, PEDEX. 19 years old writing orders at Magic, now I know what it feels like to start getting old. Psych.


OG’s. Jamie Story (J Money, one of the quintessential t-shirt lines of the 2000’s), Russ Karablin (SSUR), Mike Malbon (Frank 151, Frank’s Chop Shop)


FINALLY, Affliction does something worthwhile.


Ben (thehundreds) wants you to know he’s applying lip balm in this photo, not making an obscene gesture.


Terry Kennedey (Fly Society) has more jewelry than you.



Diamond Supply Co (new Diamond x Reason coming soon?) -


Mike (Motivation) is a good dude-


We also stopped by Project, the contemporary men’s show, downstairs. The homie Ian Regan snuck us in. Ian is also a real good dude, he has a new shop called Black Banditz which will be stocking Reason Clothing, opening in Los Angeles very soon specializing in contemporary menswear, haircuts, and tattoos.


Atif (VANE) is showing new VANE and Vane x Sebago shoes at Project.


Need a pair of these…


Ouigi Theodore is killing the game right now. His line/store, Brooklyn Circus, gets my choice for most improved menswear line of the last five years. Absolutely awesome lineup. Check out their website here.


That’s it for today. More updates coming tomorrow.


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