We just got back from the Magic/Project tradeshow in Las Vegas. This was our first trip exhibiting at the show after taking a few years off of the circuit to focus more on limiting our retail distribution to more exclusive accounts.

It was also one of the most chaotic, crazy, and non-stop adrenaline filled weeks in recent memory.

It all started when we screwed up our travel reservations and had to change flights at the airport.

I learned a lot of things this week. Firstly, always double check travel reservations. Second, I have a wrong number for my mom saved in my cell phone.

We ended up having a six hour layover in Dallas. Perfect opportunity to break out sweatpants and these Supreme x Vans metallic chukkas.


Amidst all the chaos I managed to leave my DSLR camera battery at home so all these photos are taken with an iPhone 4S.


This is our booth-


We spent three days writing orders non-stop for some of the best boutiques and retailers around the world. So many stores that we’ve only ever dreamed about carrying Reason will now be stocking the line in the coming months.


Part of the real reason I think we had such a successful showing goes back to our marketing strategy over the past few years. Limiting our distribution recently has definitely increased the demand for Reason within all the top boutiques around the world. We still only open about 1 of every 10 new stores that approach us.


Tuesday night LRG hosted us for an event at the Hugh Hefner suite in the Palms hotel with a special performance by Cam’Ron.


Turned our JesseMarco was also in town to DJ at LAVO that night.


KNYEW Las Vegas is our premier stocklist in Las Vegas-

Channelle from Wildfox was really digging out Sucks 2 Suck graphic, can’t you tell from the expression on her face?


Denis Todisco – the man behind the marketing at Diamond Supply Co. Very excited about a special project we are working on with these guys coming soon.


Following @GregBKRW on Instagram is awesome. He spends his days going to fashion shows around the world, traveling to incredible vacation destinations, and his spare time running Black Rainbow, our premier stocklist in Paris.


Watch out. Dee from Crooks got my back!


William Yan in the house!


Here’s Price alongside the legendary David Bitton and Steven Nadler, our Canadian distributor.




From the bathroom at Beni Hanna’s. Great.


Most innovative thing I saw at Magic/Project wasn’t inside a booth. It was these great water bottle refilling machines they had placed everywhere. Internet still costs twenty bucks a day though!


Erin and Amelia from ShopJeen, our favorite new online account. Wanna know what you need to do to get 300K+ followers on Instagram? Check them out at – amazing stuff.


Supers knows whats good!


All black everything in the Reason booth-


Matt Chevallard from Del Toro has been down with Reason for a few years now. He made those great Go Love Your Own slippers for us that were featured on the blog a while back, and has been doing some terrific work in expanding the line since then. Someone just told me he was voted most eligible bachelor in Miami?!


That’s IT. 72 hours of non-stop work. I forgot to get a flick, but if you ever get a chance to check out Pei wei, PF Chang’s fast food chain, you definitely should. Speaking of Pei Wei, we noticed something odd about the branding on their refrigerator… @4amnyc?