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I’m very excited to bring back our Holiday Wish List post this year. The instant cold weather hits, I start to look forward to these. Here are the 2010 Reason Holiday wish-lists from ourselves and some of our friends. Part two coming tomorrow. (responses are posted in the order they were received).

Bobby Whigham (Urban Outfitters/ Too Young Collection) -


Brown  Gaucho Brougue – 200 Dollars. 
I think those are a great boot to go home for the holidays, New Years eve, and a nice early spring boot. 


Contax G1 -$ 200-$500 
 This has been on my list for awhile now and my must have. I’m ready to give up my Canon Rebel and Yashica T4 for this beauty. 


To go along with my G1 I’d like to have a nice amount of…
Kodak NC400 – 5 pack is $40. I could go through a 5 pack in 2 hours or less. NC is not being made any more but a lot of stores still have a lot of stock, I hope to own most of that after christmas. 


Weekend Trip to Vermont to see my Family and ski – $150 – $500. I never make it up there enough and a ticket up there would make everything so much easier. This might be on my list right under the G1. 

A subscription to the Journal – $55 The only magazine recently I want to keep and not give away or rip stuff out out and since it only comes out 4 times a year I’d like to have it at my front door, and not have to travel to New York from Philly to get it. I have about 260  magazines just from the last year I need to get rid of but hate to part with print. 

Marc Jacobs Advertising 1998-2009 book- $50 You can never have enough of Mr. Teller and a little history to go with it in this book.  

Bruce Weber- Branded Youth and other Stories – $50 not only lots of nakedness here, Bruce covers tons of bases in this book. 


Beau Wollens (Reason Clothing/C’est Beau)


George Guest Back Pack – $350.00           
I know the idea of spending $350 on a backpack may seem absurd to some, but you have got to believe me when I say that these are truly the most incredible bags I have ever seen. George Guest pairs the protective and practical elements of an outdoor pack with the appeal and style of big city fashion.


Kinect for XBOX 360 – $149.99
Kinect is a controller-free gaming and entertainment experience recently released by Microsoft for the XBOX 360. Although I am not a huge gamer myself, I played this over at a friends house last week and was blown away. Based around a webcam-style add-on peripheral for the Xbox 360 console, it enables users to control and interact with the Xbox 360 without the need to touch a game controller. Hey Beau, thanks for copying that straight from the XBOX website.

Neato XV-11 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner – $399.00
If you know me well, then you are probably familiar with my OCD tendencies when it comes to cleaning. As a shop owner, and someone who enjoys being able to wear shoes in the house, the Neato XV-11 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner looks pretty sweet. It uses a laser mapping system to plan out its cleaning path, and then acts as your all-floor vacuum cleaner that avoids bumping into walls, furniture, or stairs. When the vacuum cleaner complete its task, it automatically returns to the charging base.


Hanes ComfortSoft® Waistband Short Leg Boxer Briefs (4pack) – $9.99
These are the only boxes I will wear. Period. To me, they are the perfect piece of underwear. Why you ask? Let me tell you… The leg length is not too long but not too short, the waist-band is tag-free, the material is super soft, and they have a no ride-up guarantee. Booyah!


Sharper Image Single Cup Coffeemaker – $29.99
I spend way too money much on coffee. I really need this.

Comme Des Garcons Classic Leather Zip Wallet – $205.00
I have had one of these wallets for about 5 years and just now it is starting to deteriorate (pretty impressive). This is the only wallet I want for the rest of my life for two reasons:
1) It has plenty of compartments and superior quality
2) I have had it for so long that when it’s not in my back pocket, it feels like a piece of my butt-cheek is missing.
This time around I want to go for the classic black leather.


Gabi Richmond (Gold Bar) -

Marc Jacobs “Monster” Fur Hat – $278.00
Staying warm while pulling off the not-ridiculous look can be a challenge. Marc Jacobs fur hats are my favorite, however they border on the ridiculous side, so the Monster fur is a great compromise. Smaller than most of their fur hats, soft and still on point fashion-wise.

Scented Candle from Le Labo in SoHo “Santal 26” – $70.00
This is one of my favorite scents, and I recognized it from one of my favorite venues of all time (to remain nameless). The scent is sexy, it fills the entire room your in without being too overpowering and the candle burns for longer than most. Triple win

TOMS shoes “Black Womens Glitters” – $54.00
TOMS speaks for itself… cheap, comfortable and “like so in right now.” Anything glitter goes

Saredon Trench Coat from All Saints – $315.00
I need a good Trench Coat so I can go over to my boyfriends in only lingerie and surprise him at the door. This trench is charcoal and has a killer collar, nuff said
J BRAND “Jegging/legging” Black Licorice and NEW Chocolate Mousse (yum) – $180.00
I have the J BRAND jeggings in most colors. They are the only jeans I wear considering Im midget sized (5’1) and they still fit me perfectly PLUS they are so so so comfortable. I need the new Chocolate Mousse color

Alexander Wang “Black Noemi Combat Bootie” – $672.00
Alexander Wang makes pretty comfortable shoes considering hes a guy and woman normally have the upper hand in that area. And these are so badass with the black leather material combo’s

Imperial Bedrooms by Bret Easton Ellis – $13.08
Less Than Zero was one of my favorite books as a young teen, and now years later Ellis putting out the sequel. Drugs, sex and pretty people based in LA in the 80’s.

Jeff (Blind Barber) –


Woolrich John and Rich Bros. Leather Wallet – $125
It has become way too common that I am consistently finding myself forgetting one card or another every day when I leave the apartment. I like that the wallet is simple, having only two slots for cards and one for bills.


Rugby Wool Rag Sock – $18
Nothing wrong with a good, WARM, pair of socks for the winter. I figure it is time to grow up a bit and stop wearing my Nike Black Basketball socks with my ‘bucks and upgrade to something with a bit more class.


Canon Powershot s95 – $400
The Canon Powershot s95 camera is perfect for me. I don’t know enough about taking photos to need an expensive SLR yet would want something that still take quality pictures. This camera does that and it’s easy to carry around.


  1. L.L Bean Classic Bucks – $79

These classic nubuck shoes are the immediate go to for me. Perfect color, comfortable and not too tough on the wallet.


Playstation 3 – $399
Madden. Call of Duty. Blu-ray. Game over.

Jon Price-Totaro (Reason Clothing/DJ PRICE) -


Paul Smith Byard Suit – $1,500
Every man needs a good looking suit in their closet. I need a couple.


Crosley Revolution: Portable USB Turntable – $149
A unique, slim and portable design that plays both 7” and 12” vinyl records
at 33 and 45 RPM. Comes with USB connectivity to easily upload vinyl
straight to your computer. Comes with a built in speaker, FM transmitter,
and is battery powered. #Win.

Nike Blazer SB Supreme – $600
I slept on these when they came out and they are too fresh to pass up. Need
these to match the new Reason leather jacket that is due out in a few days.

Two Tickets to a New York Rangers Home Game – $200
Hockey is one of our favorite sports and I really need to get back inside
the ‘World’s Most Famous Arena’ and catch our blue shirts take on anyone!
Plus it’s the franchise’s 85th anniversary, so let’s also throw in one of
those sweet jerseys.

2-Day Weekend Pass to Snowboard at Stratton Mountain – $153
I need my fix of perfect powder and snowboarding with some good friends.


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