Our Online Shop has been the only web-based store carrying Reason Brand products for a few years now. Not for nothing, but we’ve always felt that no other virtual storefront could showcase our brand, our products, and the lifestyle and story surrounding them the same way we do in our web-store.

That all changed a few months back when Melanie Drake approached us about a new project she was working on called Vault. The new e-commerce site, owned by the mammoth Japanese website Rakuten was unlike anything we had heard of before. The members only site features items selected by the brand themselves, and showcases the story and lifestyle of the company with a video produced by the in house team at Vault.

Vault launched this week in its Beta version. Their web shop is the online online store carrying Reason besides our own. We’ve also launched with a lineup of vintage tees and jackets that are available exclusively through vault.

Head to to preview the beta version now or click the image below to watch our Vault brand video-