This Sunday, September 11th, 2011, Reason Clothing is hosting a benefit in Manhattan’s financial district. This private event marks the 10th anniversary of the World Trade Center attack and will benefit civilian casualties of the ensuing wars. Rather than dwell on the past, this event is a reminder that downtown Manhattan remains the greatest place on earth.

Many of our friends lost family and loved ones on 9/11. This Sunday we’re showcasing our resilience not only by hosting a benefit just three blocks from Ground Zero, but also by bringing in a free performance by Cam’Ron of the Diplomats. Back in 2001, Cam’Ron’s music epitomized youth culture in New York City and gave many of us a voice to rally behind during uncertain times, I couldn’t think of a more fitting choice for a performance if I tried.

This is a private event. RSVP is mandatory.

Cam’ron live performance
Music by DJ PRICE
SGU #WTC Issue release

9 PM
TBD Lounge at Gild Hall a Thompson Hotel
15 Gold St
Proceeds go to CIVIC