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It’s been a busy week.

First stop, Real Quick, For Fun. It closes tonight, so if you’re in New York, head down to 376 Broome street, you know, for fun.

PJ put it all together. Looking at this picture makes me want a beer.


Emmett puts a lot of things together.


Hipsters (in a good way).


Here’s Sean Kinney. He also ‘curated’ the Real Quick, For Fun event. One of my new year resolutions is to try to grow a beard.


Next stop, Tim Hamilton presentation at The Standard hotel. Timothy Hamilton is my personal favorite ‘fashion’ designer, but this season I wasn’t so impressed with his offerings. Everyone was freaking out about these shoes though, so uh, take note I guess.




Fashion hipsters. Lotta lazy beanies in the house.


That guy on the left with his head turned facing the camera yelled at me about 20 times for getting too close to the models. I’m like dude what is this a zoo? I’m not gonna feed ‘em. You can imagine how funny he thought that was.


Smile. Guess not. Contrast button. Note taken.


New angle. Same hipsters.


I’d never wear a jacket like this but the pockets and the fabric were really rad.


Hearing people talk about fashion sometimes makes me sick. As I took this picture some guy behind me goes ‘god the way the shoulders on that sweater fall is art, truly, art’. Then I thew up.


Bumped into the lovely Sabrina Bacon.


Ladies stuff-


My only takeaway from this fashion wee; burgundy is going to be very popular, as will black and blue. Send me a check for $5,000.


After party at Avenue. First time there. Fun. So much fun in fact this awesome picture is the only one I managed to take the entire time. There’s a whole set on Patrick Mcmullan though, click here to check it out.


After after after party at Goldbar with Price. Next up… Vegas, see you tomorrow.


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