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Here’s a week’s worth of highlights from the on-going blog post that is my life.

First. the CNNCTD+ 100 event at the New Museum. Curated by our friend Roman, and his company CNNCTD. The goal of CNNCTD+100 is to showcase a cross-section of New York City culture that highlights the multidisciplinary connections of contemporary culture. Music inspires fashion, street art inspires fine art, youth inspires establishment. Some of the people included were Pharrell Williams, Maria Cornejo, Nanette Lepore, George Lois, Spike Lee, and Cindy Sherman.




This post will contain no less than five variations on this picture.


Carly is holding a very fancy handbag.


Here’s Roman. Remember that great video we did about how we stay connected when the Outpost first opened (CLICK HERE to view it)? Roman produced that.


Ciroc coconut with Pellegrino is something is really like.


Mikey Avedon. Seen this guy in New York Magazine this week.


I owe a solid percentage of the contacts in my phone to Dante Ross, pictured below with his lovely lady friend. Great catching up with this guy.

The following night we cruised over to Reed Space for a T-World event in the shop to celebrate the book release. We will be hosting an event for the book at the Outpost on May 17th.

Eddie has been working hard these past few weeks in New York. Many more exciting projects coming from Eddie and the T-world team.


Nico Reyes (Reed Space) is one of the best ever.


If you were doing an exhibit about T-shirts and T-shirt culture in New York what would you choose as the first shirt in the show?


I promised a bunch of these, right?


They even put our ugly mugs on the wall.


Got to catch up with Aaron LaCrate while he wasn’t up there doing his DJ thing.


Live T-shirt printing by the fellas over at BKNY.


Josh Fishel (10Deep) recently joined Instagram but he’s on private. So find him at @joshfishel and ‘request’ to follow him.


This is true:

Steve!! Steve used to print our very first run of Diploamats Parody tees in his garage in long island back in 2006. Every week our re-orders would get bigger and bigger until at one point Steve told us we needed to find a professional because he couldn’t devote his entire life to printing one t-shirt design for us.

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