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Manhattan’s streets take on a whole new meaning in the early morning hours of the weekend. Everything is empty and almost eerily tranquil. It’s my favorite time to bike around the city.


Union Square farmers market. Fresh. Local. Organic. If you’re into that kind of stuff.


Hottest accessory for Spring ‘11.


As it turns out, on the other side of the park something called international pillow fight day was going on.


Literally thousands of people enjoying an old fashioned pillow fight in the middle of the city. No corporate agenda, no political bs, age restrictions, or admission fees, just people, with pillows, having a good time.



For a few bucks you could just grab a pillow and jump right in. Normally there’s nothing I hate more than contrived happenings that bring out seas of people and make it impossible to walk anywhere but I couldn’t bring myself to be mad at this. What? You wanna dress up in your pjs and whack some random person with a down pillow? I’m down with that. It’s amazing how far people will go to goof off.



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