This next week join me as I walk you through our buying process for Outpost Vintage.

Reason’s core collection is our passion and the backbone of the brand, but many of you may not know that each Reason piece is inspired by true american made vintage workwear. Every time we decide to make a new Reason style, we go out and buy hundreds of vintage reference pieces. We then inspect all these items and choose our favorite details which eventually make their way into our own designs. It could be anything from a fabric or a pattern to a fit detail, a button, a color, or even a thread style.

Here is a tour of one of the nation’s top vintage warehouses and one of our many suppliers.


We scour hundreds of warehouses across the country. Often these places have waiting lists as long as a year, and door (not to mention no photos allowed) policies stricter than most nightclubs. We spend days searching through thousands of pieces, inspecting, pondering, negotiating and buying the absolute best vintage pieces in the world.


Like a kid in a candy shop. We literally spend hours going through thousands of items to find just one perfect piece that is worthy of hanging on the racks at Reason.


This is just step one in our vintage buying process. Join us tomorrow and I’ll take you through the next leg of the journey-