Late night working with Greg over at The NoFavorite office on Houston and Broadway.


NoFavorite has long been one of the most sought after New York City design firms but with recent additions to their portfolio for clients like J.C. Penny, Free City, The Neistat Brothers, Commune Design, and the Pepsi DJ Collective, they are quickly becoming the most well known web and graphic design wizards around.


Greg and I know each other from all the way back in high school, plus were roommates a few years ago, and he designed our original Reason website and some of our first catalogs. He basically taught me about 1/3rd of what I know, mostly the useful stuff.

We also have similar taste is weird little knick knacks. I have a shelf like this at home thats practically identical to this.


I could go on with a billion stories about amazingly weird stuff Greg and I have gotten into together. One in particular about the time we made a small fortune selling ‘sneaker books’ on Ebay during the summer when we were 17 is probably worthy of its own blog post, but yeah, if you bought one of those books and you know what I’m talking about, that was us.


He’s also the master of sending viral video distractions via AIM all day. Two seconds after I shot this picture he showed me a new one that I’m pretty sure damaged me for life. Anyway, go check out the NoFavorite website to see what they’ve been working on and follow Greg on Twitter because his updates will definitely keep you entertained.