Since we’re working on Spring/Summer ‘11 designs and concepts it’s about time for another Ebay reference post. Here’s a selection of auctions that I’ve bookmarked this week for one reason or another.

Polo could do no wrong in the 90’s, and the graphic on the back of this button-down is no exception. I really admire their ability to make these graphics feel vintage without being too contrived.


Another Polo gem. If this wasn’t a weird hybrid pullover (click the image to see the auction, the front view is quite unfortunate) or a size XL I might buy this. Someone should really take this idea and update it.


Pretty cool how they embossed a graphic onto the side panel of this cap. Wait? A baseball batter on the side of a New York Knicks hat? Aren’t they a basketball team?

Vintage 1950’s varsity jacket. All black and white, little bursts of red, and a cool native american applique on the chest. Very Reason, right?


This ones a Wrangler denim shirt from the 1994 National Rodeo Finals. What a great graphic.


I’m not really a denim jacket kind of guy. I think their cool and all but something about the term canadian tuxedo really turns me off. There is however something about this jacket that did catch my eye.

Original Buddy Holly Rock On tee from 1958. When people talk about ‘50’s American style they don’t usually mention pink and blue screen printed rock tour tees do they? Dude was decades ahead of his time. And only fifteen hundred bucks.


We’re developing some new bags for Spring ‘11. Don’t worry, it’s not gonna be a Gucci rip-off, I’ve just been compiling trillions of references to decide what features we like and don’t like so we can make the bag to end all bags. Again.