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Some of you probably remember our old old Reason website and the thousands upon thousands of blog posts that it was home to. A few of you have asked about us bringing those posts into this new site. Well, for the past few days I’ve been trying to figure out a way to make that happen, and it’s been driving me absolutely nuts. I’m not gonna get into the technical aspects of it… because honestly I don’t understand it in the least, but I did manage to pull out every photo and save them for the archive.. so that’s a start.

Here’s a few of my favorites out of just over 1500 images shot over the course of 3-4 years-

One of the first Reason tees of all time- White tee with red stripes and a high density Tophat R crest hit.


I think this is from 2006. Lookbook shoot at the pier. It was freezing cold and we were only making t-shirts and hats at the time.


And a year later, here’s a screen shot from a 2007 sales website.
Always focused on the details. This was the day we got the our hangtags in and shot them in the studio. Individually numbered and inspected. To this day most of our items carry these same hangtags and guarantee of quality.


At this point we started doing heavy sales trips to build our customer based and spread the word. Barcelona for Bread and Butter was a notable trip and the farthest Reason had taken us from home at the time.


Magic Trade show, not sure from what year anymore. I am sure however that that neon sign never made it home and is still in a Las Vegas storage facility somewhere.


We rocked it this year. So much so that after this booth, Magic started forbidding decoration in the booths beyond stock signage.


5th street crew-


Fall ‘08 ‘Wonderland’ was rad. Game changer.


Winning the Urb mag reader’s choice for 2008 brand of the year was an honor. We flipped out when we really beat out Nike and New Era.


Opening the Cooper Square 6th street pop-up shop with zero retail experience was awesome. Every day was a new adventure. Right from the jump we had no idea how to open the gate to the store window and had to call a locksmith to come saw the lock off.


Long days go a long ways.


It was kind of an honor to get our hats bootlegged for the first time. That wore off fast though. Still see these show up on Ebay all the time, now it’s not such an honor anymore.


One of our best woven shirts of all time, the Downpour Buttonup. Here’s Mike the intern testing out it’s waterproof lining for us.


THE DEATH ZONE. Still amazed at how long we were able to survive down here when this was our office. No sunlight. Barely any fresh air. I’m sure we’re still suffering the long term health effects of this place.



Our offerings and styles have progressed a lot over the course of the years but our promise is still the same; making you the best quality, independent, wearable clothes possible, and we just keep getting better and better. Reason Spring/Summer 2011 is coming soon.

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