I’m really excited about the new addition to our Online Shop this morning.

Today we released a set of bracelets made by our friend Tobey Tyler. Tobey’s bracelets, key chains, and other knick knacks are all hand made from a variety of high end, hard to find materials, treated for an antiqued look, and up until now, have not been available for sale anywhere. It’s no wonder that Tobey’s creations are a favorite amongst celebrities like Kanye West, Pharrell, and others, and it’s also no wonder that we have extremely limited inventory and our stock will not last long.

These bracelets are made of an anti-microbial rip-cord with an antiqued knot and washer closure. Available in two sizes, one for men (8.5“ long) and one for women (or men with smaller wrists, 7.5” long). $20 gets you a random assortment of three bracelets packaged in a custom Reason mini drawstring bag.

Click Reason to buy now.
(Note: Tobey Tyler for Reason bracelets are the ONLY item excluded from the 50% off sale… sorry)