Today we are proud to present the first full collection release from Reason Spring 2012. The collection is titled ‘Sink or Swim’. This line tells the story of our journey as a brand- told in a nautical, summery, visual language.

Three years ago they told us streetwear was dead. We were kids. They told us the business we imagined ourselves being in for many years to come was over. Brands split apart. Closed up shop. Left town. Started new gigs. Moved on.

We were left at a crossroads. Left to decide if- and how- we were going to keep the brand alive without any outside backing or help from anyone. We were alone, left to sink or swim.

Every piece in this line feels strong. It is designed and built to get you through tough situations. The graphics are bold and have a strong message. The aesthetic is timeless, but each piece packs a punch. The cut and sew apparel is cut and fitted to the tune of a high end contemporary brand, but the sewing and fabrics are no joke. The attention to detail on every style shows how passionate we are about making amazing and truly unique clothes.

Here we are. It is the Spring of 2012, and our heads are well above water.

Highlights include new graphic tees, the Maidstone Leather Wallet, Diamond Quilted Varsity Jackets, Outpost Pants, Static Ankle Socks, and various fleece items.
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