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Back in Brimfield Massachusetts on a two day cool hunting mission. I shot some videos as well but I’m about as good at editing video as I am setting up my voice mail so give me a few days for that. I also posted a few live-blogged pictures up on the Reason Mobile Blog so be sure to check that out as well.

And we’re off…



I came this close to buying the EXCLUSIVE sign but I figured that might be a little too arrogant.


Folk art is so weird. And amazing.


Why do I feel like I’ve posted this picture before?


This is outrageous. The guy selling this thing had a booth full of stuff that was offensive to just about every race and religion around. I asked the owner what he was thinking trying to hawk this kind of stuff and he made a pretty compelling argument about the historical value of it. Still not feeling it though.


This guy on the other hand was super rad. Larry tried to buy him but apparently theres a law against selling dead animals in Massachusetts.


Just some chickens hanging out defecating on 100 year old furniture, no big deal.


Someone get Jeff on the phone.


Same story as the alligator. The sign on his antler reads, “if you want to buy this come meet me in New Jersey where it’s legal”






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