Price had the opportunity to DJ at Stylecaster’s Holiday Party this past weekend at the legendary Don Hill’s on Spring Street. As part of the deal, Jon also did a quick interview for the magazine which you can read here, in case you don’t get to read it, here’s my favorite snippet,

“Reason mixes the high-quality product of a contemporary fashion label with a wide variety of pop culture and music references. One of the line’s most popular t-shirts alters the iconic logo of The Ramones by inserting the names of Harlem rappers, the Diplomats. “It was the fashion equivalent of a ‘mash up,'” DJ Price explains. “It was like blending two seemingly opposite records together but doing it with a t-shirt.”


Got to catch up with our friend Adam G (Fools Gold Records). FG has some big moves planned for the near future including their highly anticipated holiday party this friday at Tammany Hall in New York.


Three hours of open bar and a whole bunch of girls sending in Twitter remarks like ”Ohhh my gawd the Dj at this Stylecaster party is ah-maezing“ later, Jon was all smiles-


The man in charge, Ari Goldberg doing the holiday speech thing-


Hacula did the artwork inside the recently re-designed space.


You can also view Stylecaster’s coverage from the event here.