Thank you to all the loyal Reason fans and supporters who trooped out to the sample sale this past weekend at our New York City studio. Usually I do a great job of photographing and documenting these events but this time around I stepped back and spent most of the weekend helping customers, taking credit card info, folding, organizing, and prying Brooklyn’s jaws from your ankles. It is truly inspiring to hear the stories of people who woke up at the crack of dawn, traveled hundreds of miles, and even cut school all in the name of getting their hands on unreleased Reason samples and peeking at some of our upcoming collections.

I have a roll of film pictures to develop from the sale so until then heres the only digital snaps I managed to get-

DJ EQUAL in the Matte Black Commanders.


All the way from Syracuse, New York.


Daisy’s tattoo-


This could not be any more random except for the fact that I found this on the same memory card as the above photos. IS THIS NOT THE FATTEST CAT YOU HAVE EVER SEEN?! IT CAN’T EVEN WALK.


For those of you who have asked (and remembered the tradition we’ve established) we will also be doing a special Online Store warehouse sale this week on select items for a very limited time, so keep clicking that refresh button for details.