The homies JonNY Sollis and The Fat Jew just sent over the pilot teaser for their new television show The SkinNY. It’s amazing. Even their press release was so good I just had to go ahead and paste the entire thing for you to enjoy.

“Several months ago, myself and the talented Fat Jew wrote a show about two loud and extremely confident overweight girls from Orlando who come to New York to work in public relations and “run this town.” So we shaved our chests, highlighted our hair, wore copious amounts of mango flavored lip gloss and started shooting. The result is our new show, “the skinNY,” best described as “The Hills meets Absolutely Fabulous meets a bottle of room temperature Malibu Rum.” We hope you love it, because we blew all of our money on it and literally have nothing else if this fails. That’s not true. But seriously, we want as many people as possible to see it and love it, so help us out and send it to every single you person you know.

Trying to avoid desk jobs,

-Jonny and The Fat Jew”

Seriously. Someone get @jonNYsollis and get this show on the air ASAP