Gotta give it up to Ben and Bobby. A few years ago when they told me they were planning on opening up a store in downtown Manhattan I thought they were crazy. Last year they finally did, and, the city has greeted them with open arms.

On Sunday, the guys invited some friends over to the Redbull Space for a brunch to celebrate the one year anniversary of their New York Store. Everyone chilled out, ate, played some video games, watched football, drank bloody marys, and got to catch up in a relaxing environment for once.


The RedBull space is sick. If you didn’t already read Bobby’s blog post, RedBull is hosting events this week where different New York City artists are discussing/performing some of their best albums across the five boroughs. Wu-Tang is tonight, Black Moon is tomorrow, and the Diplomats are on friday.


Ben just got married. He also owns my favorite watch of all time, and is one of the nicest fucking guys around. I look at these dudes like big brothers… and the most important lesson I’ve learned from them: work hard, be nice to people, and the rest will come.


All the TV’s what weren’t playing football were showing my #3 movie of all time: Beavis and Butthead Do America.


Also our buddy Mike Jones had a great (offensive) tweet about this sunset.