Three years ago over dinner Jon’s father David gave us a moving talk on the power of positive visualization that changed our business.

He told us that an extremely successful friend of his attributed much of his wealth and power to one simple trick. He would lie in bed at night and instead of pondering the troubles or victories of today or tomorrow, he imagined his perfect life. The end game.

To this day I remember David’s exact words, “this guy claimed he had imagined every aspect of his business, his office, his life, and his entire company, in it’s most perfect state, while he was lying in bed at night before he fell asleep, and every morning he would wake up and work to bring that vision to life”.

Even though I’ve read a truckload of business books and spent 20 years as a student going to school, no idea or concept has ever seemed so obviously, simply, perfect to me before. From that night forward I’ve spent every night lying in bed attempting to visualize our perfect reality, and the Reason Outpost is that dream.

And this is our story-

Reason Outpost Promo from philfromreason on Vimeo.