Well we’ve officially broken down and set up a Reason Clothing Tumblr account. Truthfully I’ve been against Tumblr since day one, a firm believer that they are nothing more than watered down blogs for lazy people but the purpose of the Reason Clothing website is to showcase what we as a team are digging and doing on a daily basis and Tumblr seemed like a great platform for us to showcase a new side of that world to you.

The Reason Tumblr will function as a place for us to post cool design work, funny clipart, party flyers, clothes/looks, photography, and other stuff that might not otherwise be relevant enough to make its way onto the official news section but still might be worth checking out on your daily blogosphere cruising.

Head to now to take a look at what we’ve been up to so far. And just to show you that we’ll continue to dedicate ourselves to keep this news section up-to date with relevant Reason related content, here’s a picture of our mascot Brooklyn wearing a pair of Wayfarers from last weekend. That counts, right?


Note: The images on the Reason Tumblr account are property of their respective owners, not Reason Clothing, unlike this site we make no claim to ownership or copyrights on any of the content hosted outside of