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Two Vegas updates on one day, I need to be gettin’ paid per post here. Last night we sponsored a party with DubFrequency and Diamond Supply Co at the Foundation Room with tunes provided by DJ-PRICE and JayCeeOh.

The ratio of guys to girls at these trade-show parties defies the laws of physics. ALL DUDES.


Price’s DJ set murdered it. People were literally astounded. It was pretty cool.


Got to catch up with my friend Alex Valdman. Alex used to run a brand called Homeroom, he is now one of the lead designers at Levis, a very talented young man.


This is also Alex. He runs a great footwear brand called Thorocraft, check it out, his stuff is really awesome.


Hollywood Holt. Always in good spirits. He made me re-take this picture three times until he was satisfied with it.


JayCeeOh on the decks. He just won a $10,000 McDonalds DJ challenge, officially making him one of the top DJs in the country.


Curren$y performed.


This was the view from the terrace.


Scott Sasso, 10Deep owner and designer. One of the nicest guys you’ll meet in this business, or any business for that matter.


After that we headed down to XS at the new Encore hotel to see Afrojack perform. Apparently XS is one of the top grossing clubs in the country, they make something like a billion dollars a year. Apparently we’re in the wrong business.


Afrojack won a grammy on sunday for his remix of Madonna’s Revolver, which he was gracious enough to remind the crowd about three hundred times over the microphone.


If you’re in town, come by LAVO tonight to see Price perform alongside JusSke for a good time-


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