I’m on vacation right now so I’m not taking trillions of pictures a day, but here’s a little taste of the paradise we’ve been fortunate enough to find ourselves holding up in-


There’s really not much coolness to mention, but we did bump into PItbull at the pool earlier today. I was sleepwalking, but Jon managed to send a flick over to the Mobile Blog so if you’re like me and you secretly love that one song you can check it out, otherwise I recommend you watch this video Dante took at the Stretch and Bobbito WKCR reunion show with DJ Riz rocking our City Crest Tee the other night. You should also download the full mp3 from the show which we’ve been gracious enough to host for you here if you wanna seem super cool and know what all the Coolguys have been debating over this week.

We’re also almost positive Elliot Spitzer is staying in our hotel. If we manage to get proof you’ll either be seeing a picture on the cover of the Daily News tomorrow or you’ll never hear from us again.